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Our guest is Jeremy Matlow, entrepeneur and owner of Gaines Street Pies in   Tallahassee, FL visits us to discuss his run for city commission.

Jeremy grew up in Tallahassee & attended Leon High and has been the restaurant biz since his teens.

We discuss building codes, costs, his new pizza restaurant coming to northeast Tallahassee.  Starting a new business in the city of Tallahassee is not easy or cheap.  Jeremy wants to help change the business gets started so folks can fulfill their dreams.

Here is Jeremy’s platform:

  • Investment in the South Side and underserved areas to bring development, opportunity, job and business training to all corners of our city;
  •  Reform in city policy so no small business dream dies in permitting;
  • Clean & honest campaign finance by refusing to accept contributions from political committees and big business groups; and
  • Policies that put working and middle-class families first.We can have an open and honest city government. We can have an inclusive city that provides equal opportunity, no matter your ZIP code or school district. We can change the way City Hall operates to reflect our priorities.



To contact Jeremy or his campaign, please feel free to Click here



Garnet & Gold


proof brewing




Our Garnet & Gold segment featured Proof Brewing Creatures in the Dark Stout for     Patty.  I really like this stout.  It was sweet and tangy.  For me, the finish was definitely coconut.  It is a white chocolate, cinnamon, coconut stout.  It was delicious.  It would have been great after a meal or in a flight with other beers.  I didn’t taste the white chocolate and you could smell the cinnamon.  Angus says @proof is a movement!


Angus chose Bimini Twist IPA from Three Daughters Brewing.   If you listen, you know Angust LOVES IPA beers.  Angus told us the hops makes the IPA refreshing like a bimini sea breeze… He sell it, doesn’t he???  The brewery is located in St. Petersburg, FL .  I think the logo and the can are beautiful!!!

Once again!! Thank you for listening!!


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