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Patty’s Anniversary on the Playhouse; Seller’s Pricing

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This episode is celebrating our one-year anniversary in the #playhouse
We have had 51 unique and fun radio shows/podcasts and we hope you have enjoyed.

We talk the David Knox method of pricing a home. David Knox Business
Knowing if you utilize a Realtor®, the Realtor® is not in control over the market, the condition of the home, the location, the buyer’s wants/needs or the terms of the market. The Realtor® is in control of “marketing” the home.

The buyer determines the value when placing the offer. The seller has a choice to accept, reject or counter. The market analysis is the “test” of the market or in some cases an appraisal is utilized to determine list pricing of the home.

Some items we know do not determine value – the sellers wants to net, the seller has invested X dollars into the home, the seller is moving and “needs the money”…all of these are conditions of the negotiation and do not effect the value of the house.

The value of the house is only determined by one’s willingness to pay for a home. Period. The end.

The Realtor® is asked to market a home and sell it on a “contingency” basis. The real estate agent is not paid for their work until the transaction has settled. This ensures the real estate agent is invested financially and personally into the getting the most money for the seller in the easiest and simplest way possible. That is our goal. If the home does not sell, it is not always a reflection of the agent. According to the National Association of Realtors, the price of the home is 80% of the marketing. National Association of Realtors

Angus’ Pick  – Proof Mango Wit

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Patty’s Pick – Jim Beam Twice Barreled Bourbon 


I love this bourbon.  It is smooth and tastes great by itself or with a mix.  I prefer ginger ale with my bourbon or whiskey.  This bourbon is distilled in Clermont, Ky and is aged for 4 years plus secondary aging!  Good Stuff


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