Patty Talks Inflation and Monetary Policy…Scott & House Hunters

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We talk inflation, mortgage rates, monetary spending… kind of not funny funny… Not as bad as if Angus & I sang the National Anthem… in our sexy lounge singer voice.. You get the picture.  How does monetary policy, “full” employment, higher wages and interest rates effect rentals, investments and buying or selling a home… You ask.. we answer 🙂

Our Garnet & Gold is always fun & sassy.

Garnet & Gold

We talk Oskar G’Night Imperial Red Ale 



Plus Scott Cowart shows up in the #playhouse and makes us laugh!!

We want Scott on House Hunters…. Don’t you??
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Life of a Realtor® and Allison James Estates & Homes

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Today’s guests are Realtors® Serena Wise & Chris Maphis who work in the Marianna/Jackson county area as well as Holmes, Liberty, Washington, Calhoun and Bay counties

We talk the life of the real estate agent and how we get business, keep business and work hard to get homes sold at all price ranges.

Chris & Serena just 2.5 years into the business sell A LOT of homes and they are small, lower-priced homes. They don’t advertise. Their goals are simple. They want to help families reach their dreams.

Serena’s contact number is 850.573.6062 and her email is

Chris’ contact number is 850.693.4127 and his email is

Patty & Angus talking feminism

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We had a short show due to the Florida Gator game pre-show (3 hours of it) on starting at 11:30 a.m.   Those guys can talk 4 EVER!!!

So, Angus & I took a break from the hype and chatted about women and marching and feminism.  All in all, one of our finest… no Garnet and Gold…just chatting about the “why” of the women’s march.  Why did they march? Can anyone tell us????

I am convinced that if you cannot explain ‘WHY’ you are marching or protesting or resisting, you cannot grow the #movement.  As a female, conservative/libertarian, I would not have felt comfortable marching at the women’s march in Tallahassee.  It wasn’t for “women”.  I am presuming (because they didn’t state their why) they are marching for liberal, progressive women and not for women like myself.  Just a thought.  To really grow their movement, they should be more inclusive and they are not inclusive.  I am not sure why they don’t state their why.  I don’t know if they even know what their why is… What i do know is that people will join you and help you if you tell them why you are doing what you are doing.

There is a book by Simon Sinek, “Start with a why”  that gives every group a path to grow.  It gives every entrepeneur the path to grow.  It gives every student and business and political party the path to grow.  You must start with your why or you will fail.  You may not fail right away… It will be a slow and painful deatht that does not have to occur.

We missed our Garnet & Gold spot thanks to the Gators… :/ and had fun anyway!  We thank you for listening!

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Happy Birthday Angus!



Ben Graybar Hancock Bank; Garnet & Gold & Scott’s Back!

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Our special guest is Ben Graybar, commerical lender with Hancock Bank


Our show is out of the box for me! Commercial Lending! I tease because it is more than 5 digits… Commercial Lending is so important for our community and every community. Commercial lending is what helps folks make their business dreams come true!

We talk the basics of commercial lending:

Escrow Deposit
Reserve Amounts
Lending Rates
Credit Reporting
Non-credit Reporting
Debt to Income
Appraisals and appraisal costs
Turn-Time to close
The bank holding your funds
Personal Guarantees…

Ben’s contact info is here:

VP, Commercial Banker
Hancock Bank
Mobile: 8505560771
Work: 8507928829
101 N Monroe St.

And this was all in 45 minutes!!

Our Garnet & Gold segment!Garnet & Gold


deep brewing

Ben’s Pick – Deep Brewing Hoptopus

Garnet & Gold

Patty’s Pick – La Terre Chardonnay

The house wine at Bonefish Grill
and Hooked on Harry’s

I had this wine at an event catered by Mad Social held at Hearth & Soul
in Market Square, Tallahassee, FL The event was for the local United Way of the Big Bend

As soon as I saw the wine, I wanted it.. You have to order the wine and have it shipped to you.. not in stores.. However, it is cheap.. It is like $8.50 a bottle… and Bonefish charges $6.50 a glass.. I can do that math!

Patty’s Anniversary on the Playhouse; Seller’s Pricing

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This episode is celebrating our one-year anniversary in the #playhouse
We have had 51 unique and fun radio shows/podcasts and we hope you have enjoyed.

We talk the David Knox method of pricing a home. David Knox Business
Knowing if you utilize a Realtor®, the Realtor® is not in control over the market, the condition of the home, the location, the buyer’s wants/needs or the terms of the market. The Realtor® is in control of “marketing” the home.

The buyer determines the value when placing the offer. The seller has a choice to accept, reject or counter. The market analysis is the “test” of the market or in some cases an appraisal is utilized to determine list pricing of the home.

Some items we know do not determine value – the sellers wants to net, the seller has invested X dollars into the home, the seller is moving and “needs the money”…all of these are conditions of the negotiation and do not effect the value of the house.

The value of the house is only determined by one’s willingness to pay for a home. Period. The end.

The Realtor® is asked to market a home and sell it on a “contingency” basis. The real estate agent is not paid for their work until the transaction has settled. This ensures the real estate agent is invested financially and personally into the getting the most money for the seller in the easiest and simplest way possible. That is our goal. If the home does not sell, it is not always a reflection of the agent. According to the National Association of Realtors, the price of the home is 80% of the marketing. National Association of Realtors

Angus’ Pick  – Proof Mango Wit

Angus enjoys his in the summer! It is a refreshing beer and its not super expensive for craft beer! It has a 5.2 alcohol content and a great beer out by the pool with my friends!

Patty’s Pick – Jim Beam Twice Barreled Bourbon 


I love this bourbon.  It is smooth and tastes great by itself or with a mix.  I prefer ginger ale with my bourbon or whiskey.  This bourbon is distilled in Clermont, Ky and is aged for 4 years plus secondary aging!  Good Stuff


Thank you for listening!


Terry Madigan; Returning from OZ; Garnet & Gold

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We were proud to have Terry Madigan of Madigan Law Firm, P.L as our guest for the hour

We talk Angus’ return from “down under” flying Kwanza… or is it Quantas… I don’t know.

We have our Garnet & Gold review

Great show and I great fun!

See you next week for our Anniversary show!! It will be one year!

– Patty

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