Zillow & HGTV: How they screwed up real estate


Joanna Gaines & Al Gore have really screwed up real estate……….


HGTV – All Class, No Cash

Joanna & Chip Gaines – Fixer Upper 


My belief is that HGTV has had far more impact on our business than Zillow. Buyers, although there are more of them than there are houses, are very picky about the condition and the look and the quality of the home. Joanna Gaines has single-handedly fudged the system for many sellers. Folks want gray walls.. or greige walls and not blue walls. Period. They want new sinks, faucets, baths, roofs, HVAC, shiplap and they want it at a discount. They don’t want to or they can’t pay for it themselves. Many new home buyers have great credit and no cash, hence the discount. Scott is our person that tells the seller.. this is what buyers want. This is what you can get for your house if you put a little more $$$ into it and do it fast… If you don’t, you’ll miss the market.


Why “Zestimates” are Wrong

Zillow & Its Zestimate 

Apprasials are based on the inside and outside of your home. The Zestimate only calculates on what is on the outside. Moral of the store – Zillow can’t get inside your house.. so there numbers are false. How false is up for debate and the market.




Zillow has found a niche that no one has been able to beat. Valuing a home and not calling it an appraisal. An appraisal requires a license and education. Zillow uses an “al-gore rhythm” to provide the zestimate. Buyers like to use the “zestimate”, as a tool to negotiate. My personal opinion is that Zillow is for entertainment. All real estate is local.

mountain dew


Zillow only can look at numbers. It doesn’t know if you have 17,000 mountain dew cans inside of your house or not.  Folks have tried to sue Zillow for messing up the values and buying/selling opportunities and Zillow has proven itself to be teflon.  No matter what your zestimate says, NOBODY is going to buy your house with a room full of mountain dew cans!!!!

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